How automatic delivery works
We use sophisticated computer systems to figure out how much oil you will need during the cold winter months. We use a degree day as a unit of measurement.

Usually, when the temperature falls below 65 degrees, you will turn on your heat. A degree-day is the average temperature below 65 degrees each day. So if on October 1st, the high was 60 degrees and the low was 50 degrees the average temperature that day would be 55 degrees. We would have gained 10 degree days that day.  We do this for each day in the heating season. An average heating season has about 5,500 degree days.

We usually try to deliver oil when your tank is 1/3 full. If you have a 275 gallon tank, we would like to deliver 180 gallons. If on October 1 we started with 0 degree days and on December 1st we had accumulated 900 degree days and you took 180 gallons then every 900 degree days we would try to deliver oil to you.  In the winter, degree days accumulate faster every day because the average temperature is colder.  Some people might take 180 gallons every 900 degree days and some might take 180 gallons every 1500 degree days.  It all depends on the size of your house, the insulation and what temperature you keep your thermostat on.

By using the degree day method, you do not have to worry about the stress of calling for more oil. We will make sure your fuel oil tank remains full at all times and you will not run out of oil.

It is almost like figuring out how far your car can go before you run out of gas, which is called MPG, miles per gallon. Our computer figures out how many gallons of fuel you will need before you run out, making sure we always leave some in reserve. Degrees days tell us how cold it is on any given day. You can usually find them in your local newspapers weather page every day form October-May. Your deliveries are based on your usage depending on the temperature outside, not the price of oil. We actually do not know when you are scheduled until your ticket is printed for a delivery.  Just like any given car will get a certain amount of miles per gallon, each home uses a certain amount of oil per degree day.  This usually does not vary too much between deliveries.
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